March 2013 The Next Great Event in The Awakening!  

Hello Everyone!

I conducted a research project using QHH to obtain more clarity for humanity regarding The Shift and all it entails. My focus was what we would be experiencing and how to prepare ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. The information brought forth was truly enlightening especially regarding what the electronic/wireless environments are doing to us!

The book is called Quantum Odyssey by Mindy Mitchell and is available as an ebook  at Www.Booktango.com and at Www.Amazon.com. The following is an excerpt from my book regarding the next possible upcoming event of The Awakening.

I wanted to be sure and share this information with everyone as this stated event is to occur this March 2013!  I look forward to sharing our collective experience of this event as it unfolds over the next few months and how it unfolds for each and everyone of us.

As I tell all of my QHH clients, there is no wrong way to have an experience. Each of us are here on our own journey and as such will have a variety of experiences and responses to our lives on Earth. Not all will be aware to the same thing at the same time. Some will recognize change immediately, others slowly but surely, some not at all. 

Below is a segment from an actual Quantum Healing Hypnosis session (QHH) where I explored using QHH as a research tool to go forward into time and ask many of the hot topics that are circulating regarding the new millennium we are moving into and the New Earth..The Ascension...The Shift...The Awakening. 

I don't believe that there is any one truth or reality out there as I believe that the truth and reality exists as a multi-faceted gem. Each facet of the gem provides a different perspective, different from all the other facets. None being more real or greater than the other. We each will experience our reality and truths through different facets of perception.

The more we open ourselves to experiencing a different reality than we have been conditioned to, the more likely we are to evolve and awaken to a New Earth!

The world was absolutely flat for centuries. Until it wasn't......

Remember...keep all THREE eyes open!


M represents me Mindy and E is Ellen the subject.

E: I see a like a moment in time. The only thing I can describe it like…it is like when you flip the switch and the lights go on. There is this incredible blue light! So soft… I see color of blue light and when this light switch goes on the light expands... It is so beautiful! Throughout the whole universe and it’s the coming together of one mind! It so unbelievable!

M: Is this a happening at this time or a future event?

E: It is a future event...and it’s going to happen. The only thing I can think of is a scripture that says "…in the twinkling of an eye" and it’s so amazing!!!! (Spoken with absolute wonder and awe)

M: Is there an earth time when this event will be taking place?

E: It is soon...it’s now...it feels now...like now. It’s melting... it doesn’t feel far away.

M: Is this "The Shift" "The Awakening" that’s coming?

E: Yes! It’s all minds coming to together in a split second! It’s so bizarre!

M: Will that event take place on our calendar year of 12-21-12?

E: March 2013

M: When you say ALL minds…Will all human beings experience the same thing or will there be individuals who are unaware of this event?

E: This is so wild! (Experiencing extreme visual and sensory downloads)

Everyone will know. Not everyone will care.

M: Does this correlate with the event known as the second coming of Christ?

E: Yes!

Holy sh**! (…experiencing huge waves of energy and emotion) I wish you could feel what I feel right now!

M: Describe what you are experiencing right now!

E: Gasping. Holy cow. Gasping...oh my god oh my god oh my god! I can’t describe it...it’s like a download where you are all tingly on the outside but this is on the inside...oh my god! Oh geez!  The light is amazing!

M: Is this light what you are experiencing or is it something else?

E: Yes, it’s the light! It’s like...it’s like...I have never seen anything like it! So crazy!

M: So is this second coming of Christ actually the Christ "consciousness" coming back onto the planet?

E: And it’s been building and building. But it’s like it going to...the minds unite! It’s like a moment in time for all of us that have been waiting...Our minds are united!

M: What is the outcome of that when all the minds unite? What does that produce or create?

E: Clarity. Oh geez... it’s like waking up from a dream. The words that are coming up for me is, the ILLUSION is gone! Oh my god its wild!

M: That is very exciting!

E: It affects everybody but there are those still in the illusion and those out of it. It like there’s two groups of people.

M: Is there anything that defines those who are still in the illusion?  Any reason why there are those choosing to stay in the illusion? The reason they have created that reality for themselves?

E: Fear.

M: Is that fear of change or fear anything new? What is that fear of?

E: Fear of knowing!

M: What is it that they don't want to know?

E: That it is ALL an illusion.

M: Are these the people that hold on to the illusion of separateness and hierarchies and power structures?

E: Its attachment to the illusion! (with wonder)… they believe that they are a part of what they see! It’s like a hologram. So wild! They can't see the light; they can't connect because they believe they are the illusion. They believe themselves to be what they are...but that’s not it! It’s like I believe I am a monkey so I appear as a monkey! OH geezzzz!

M: For those that can experience the light and experience this awakening, what is it that they believe? What is it that allows them to see the light and participate and be transformed?

E: They believe. This is sooo weird. They believe that they are not important! Ha...wow! It’s like when you see fish swim together and birds fly together, they all become one yet they are separate. They are individual but one is not more important than the other!... Here comes another wave!

M: I just had a flash of something I have always heard but didn’t understand...Is this what is meant by "the meek shall inherit the Earth"?!!

E: Yes!!

Oh god...ooooooh...(more huge waves of energy are pulsing through her!)  Oh my god I wish you could feel this! It’s like being on a rollercoaster...its sooooo beautiful! I feel so humble (sobbing and tears)

M: So those that don’t experience this are attached to the ego-self? Their importance in the material realm? Those who define themselves and others by the material world? What their car makes them, what their mansions make them, what their bank account makes them?

E: Yes, Yes! But they could also be a poor person who still thinks they are important, it’s not just the rich, and it’s everybody! Everybody who thinks they are more important...It’s a mindset!

M: So anybody who thinks they are more important than their fellow human beings?

E: Yes!

M: Ah ha! That’s powerful, so profound!

M: What else do we need to share with humanity and the average person who maybe reading this. About this event?

E: It’s so weird... it’s "know thy self-know thy neighbor" "know thy self, know thy neighbor". When you know yourself you can truly know your neighbor. But if you are afraid of yourself and don't know yourself, how can you know your neighbor? How can you put yourself in your neighbors shoes of you don’t even know yourself? Each person is important. They are important but not more important than the other. That’s how we are part of the one.

M: What is the time frame for when this uniting of one mind will take place?

E: March 2013. It’s a big month!

M: That is interesting because that somewhat correlates with Hopi prophecy of in this time frame we are in now we will be a door will be opening from the 4th world which we are currently to the 5th world. Is that the door that is opening into the 5th world, also known as the 5th dimension?

E: Yes...oh here come the waves again!

The waves she experienced  equaled validation of absolute  truth!


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Reader Comments (23)

Thank you I am of the same opinion hopefully it will fall on the 22 of March but maybe a little either side. Since December the 21 2012 things for myself at least have been very low key with the Light not appearing every day. It's been a pleasure reading this.

March 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterFrancis Tobin

This ties in with George Kavassilas' date of 21/03/2012, the final equinox in a precessional cycle of 24,832 years.
Additionally George's calculations of the time frame ties with the weight in lbs of the capstone of the Georgia Guidestones.
It also fits with Barbara Marciniak's descripion in her books of an approaching "galactic tidal wave of light" emanating from the grand central sun, Alcyone, in the Pleiades.
The channeled messages from the Pleiadians to Marciniak mention everything will change "in the twinkling of an eye".
The 21st of March being the beginning of Aries, rebirth, spring in the Northern hemisphere.
Implications being a new heaven and a new earth and the birth of a new humanity.
Many who are sensitive can simply 'feel' something wonderful is coming!

March 9, 2013 | Unregistered Commenteroort

Excellent remote viewing.
hard to say really....what will happen.
As in reality, there isn't a 'future'. It is just...possibilities.

We each have our own perspective, on planetary evolution.
Perhaps humanity can let go of all fear, about everything. Perhaps only a few (ie. the meek), can let go of all attachment.

I choose to let go, now.
Why wait.

March 9, 2013 | Unregistered Commentereileen rose

Big oops!
@oort I meant 21/03/2013 not 2012.

March 9, 2013 | Unregistered Commenteroort


a lot of interesting things are coming together..

March 9, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterjames

: Ahhhh soooo beautiful in its Christalized Beauty of flowing feelings... thoughts... words... into keyboarding
substance at an Apex Point of actualized-realized concepts to different levels of understandings for the reflector as well as for all that can be moved by its content * I * AM totally awed inspired to share in this very real bounty of Love Expressed
and shared so candidly here - blessings abound for us all ! No fear clears the way and new pathways open wide ... France

March 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAzure Blue

All of this happening as we speak as the Big Change approaches. Graduation Day IS here and those that have paid attention and learned will go with Gaia and those who have not or are held fast in fear, will not. Only when one looks at himself/herself in the mirror and sees the spirit within AND forgives themselves for imagined "sins" (actually "mistakes" are every bit important as successes in the learning process) AND finally loves themselves with all their heart, with all their mind and with all their soul only then will FEAR dissipate and be replaced with unbridled JOY - AND can one love anyone or anything, OR GOD!

March 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRoger S. Pile, PhD

When was this subject "interviewed". Like what date. Just curious.

March 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterInsearch4truth

Before the 21st December 2012 the media was full of "end of the world" doom... which of course represented a complete misunderstanding of the ancient prophecies.

Meanwhile, like many others I knew that I / we would still be here on the 22nd, and in reality the prophecies were about the start of a new era / epoch. Nevertheless, because of the many channelled messages which had been shared in advance of the special date there was an expectation that the changes would manifest more fully within the physical domain than they did. So, when nothing seemed to happen I became perplexed and confused. It was only a day or so later when I was surprised to discover that there really had been a profound shift - in short, it felt as if the very fabric of reality had changed, The shift felt subtle, which is very much not what I had been expecting.

Maybe the events of later this month will be more akin to what everyone was expecting last December.

This time I will await with interested curiosity, rather than preconceived expectations!

March 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSimon

Hi Everyone! Thank you sharing all of your wonder insights, hopes and dreams for our New Earth!
I'll answer a couple of questions here that I have been receiving.
When were the subjects interviewed?
My QHH research /interviews for the book took place from May 2012 to Sept 2012.
Specifically the information brought forth referenced in the Awakening segment was covered in all in Sept 2012.

Is there a hard/paper back version available?
Not yet as I wanted to get this information out to the public to as many people as possible in the shortest time.
However there is a PDF version available at www.booktango.com
This can be downloaded and printed or read off an ipad or computer.
For purchases from Amazon you can open eBook it will go to your iBooks on your ipad.
No Kindle/ ereaders necessary.

Thanks for all of your support!

March 11, 2013 | Registered CommenterMindy Mitchell

When you wrote the first 3/4 words in paragraph 6 did you realize it told me to skip the rest of the sentence since i am only interested in what you do believe?

Whenever i read you write those words, it hurts me deeply to see that you would prefer to remain behind like the rest, even though you heard exactly what she said and published it later on.

Do you actually still believe in time?

Since now is all that is real, then the words that came from your brain then to your fingers then to the words shows an exact picture that you have two meanings in your brains at that exact time. You might believe in the concept of "OR" or something, but they were both in your brains at the same time, so that is actually "AND". So if both of those ideas are in your head at the same time, why did you even bother to ask her when it would all happen? It happens as soon as you remove the part of your brain that is confusing the other.

Yes its that simple, sillyhead. Do you really think God would make it complicated?


huggs, love you.

March 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSine Metu

When you interview anyone for any reason whether it be a witness, an expert, a hypnosis subject for a research project you ask many questions from many different perspectives as would a group of people. I am asking many questions for many people. Not just to hear what I believe.
It also allows one to gain a greater meaning of the statement or concept.

I'm sorry that confuses you.

March 11, 2013 | Registered CommenterMindy Mitchell

Greetings Mindy and All! First, I (We) Thank You for your work and sharing it with Us, the world. What a GREAT way to start the day...not that we know exactly when or if the event(s) will happen (Read: Cosmic Flexibility)-- although I do know it's certainly more about "when" than "if"...it's more of a confirmation, imho, for the many of us who have been seeking to know and connect our Selves with such events within The Event (Full Ascension, The Gathering, Graduation). Not only is it a confirmation but it also resonates as a guide, similar to the study sessions before 'the big test', where there was a rehash of the most important aspects to be prepared for...parts highlighted to prevent their falling thru the cracks. I tell ya what, my interest in the WHOLE book is truly piqued!

Before I complete this, I know it's an exchange between Mindy and Sine Metu...and maybe I'm overstepping my bounds...but then again, that places me right back into that same 'ol 3D~4D modality, an exact opposite aim of the book and the point I'm getting at right now, so if there is any offense taken please forgive me as I only come from a position of Love and respect. And my point is, Sine Metu, it seems like you possibly mis-took the author's intended position when she said (if I'm correct in what you were referencing-- 3/4 words..6th para.) " 'I don't believe that' there is any one truth or reality..." I found her words to be a kind re-minder of the Infiniteness of All There Is...a transcendence of the dogmatic, 3D way...and secondly, we Graciously All have free will...I saw nor felt nothing negative about anything written, anything asked. C'mon brother(sister) Sine Metu...lol...The Creator is NOT a "sillyhead" which by default means neither are We unless you have re-created it (your free will) to be synonymous with "supreme". Like E said, which to me are the main ingredients (available in this particular text), "They (We) believe that they (We) are not important!" and "Each person is important. They are important but not more important than the other. That’s how we are part of the one." In peace...

March 12, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterndgochile

re: ndgochile

My contact information is publicly available to the world at large 24 by 7. You are certainly polite and with all due respect, my reply is, as noted, personally to Mindy, since this is the exact venue provided by Mindy for communications about this article with her as well as the exact venue of which my focus was directed by more than one persona in several dimensional planes of existence including the mundane, or as you call it "3d" dimension. It would be my pleasure to discuss with you fully, in any regard any of my transmissions as also, my job is only to deliver messages. Your messages are certainly of equal value to everyone else. So certainly, if Emily had asked me to discuss those questions with you in those regards, then it would be an appropriate venue, otherwise it would impede her authority over her own domain, and this is beyond my intent. I look forward to hearing from you in any of the various transmission channels available to me. My contact information URL is posted with this transmission.

Huggs! :)

March 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSine Metu

I'd like this to be a place where we can share our experiences and or those of others regarding physical anomalies and awareness to this dimensional shift that is taking place.
Remember, there is no right or wrong way to have an experiences. We are all here to write and live our own story... completely and uniquely.

One person's approach, opinion or perspective is no greater than nor lesser than his fellow human.

It is a great time on our planet to celebrate individuality! Not to condemn, judge or limit this expression of self and the discoveries found along the way on the path of life.

So please feel free to share your personal feelings and physical experiences in regard to the content on the blog.

However I ask you to refrain from making comments and judgments of others posts and or posted material if it doesn't resonate with you. If it doesn't resonate with you its not meant for you.

Blessings to All!

March 12, 2013 | Registered CommenterMindy Mitchell

Thanks Mindy, very interesting indeed!
I am not usually the most psychic or intuitive of people but something has happened to me and it may tie in with this March (Final Equinox) scenario.
I am usually an avid poster on facebook and often posted things to try and help 'awaken' people (without being too dramatic or scary). I am not a an evangelical type but liked to introduce subtle hints to see if anyone asked further questions etc.

I returned from a vacation (whereby I had no internet connection) March 3rd and where I would usually be posting pictures on fb after returning home and answering questions etc I had (and still have) such a strong compelling urge to NOT post anything. This internal force is so strong and I have no explanation for it except that I feel it is 'TIME'. Time to pull back from trying to awaken others for the line has been drawn, those who will awaken have and that's that!
This change in me may not seem like much to others but I can honestly say I have rarely felt so internally compelled this way.

As I said, my feeling is the line has been drawn, the time for change is here, hope I'm correct!


March 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJohn

Indeed, Mindy, I mis-stepped...absolutely not intentionally but the result was what it was. As I just told my friend, Sine Metu, in the grander scheme of things, a lesson learned. And for that I'm appreciative, and anxious to read the rest. In peace...

March 13, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterndgochile

Thank you Mindy and Ellen for your work and in sharing this with us.
You mention sharing our experiences - I share this for the very first time ever – so a little out of my depth, but it feels right:
I started Transendental Meditation on 22 Sept 2012, to help alleviate continued 'worry' and find spiritual answers once and for all. I did not know then, what would unfold, daily. Whilst I haven't gone into any detail with anyone, my TM teacher says my actual meditation /consciousness/awareness progress is almost like "being fast tracked". Of course I am not, but the rate of what I now understand to be "evolving" seems very fast, yet I can easily keep pace with it even as the speed increases some how. I did not know anything of this area, so vast, yet now I know more and am experiencing more. Since about Oct 2012, I often see a small blue light with a soft almost blured outer edge - for a second – I am an artist, so liken the colour to roughly Cobalt. I think it comes only when I am thinking a truth or the truth is acknowldged - I am not sure. Although I do not fully understand any more than this. I have also experienced 4 times, a moving small, beautiful light, like a tiny intensely bright sparkle of light that moves of it's own accord (it does not follow my eye movement). I don't control it's movement. If you could help me know what this blue light, and the white tiny light might signify to you, I would be grateful to learn/remember. Because of your work, and reading this post yesterday, I thank you – as I decided to focus on my 'fear' during yesterday's meditation – I actually 'saw' it in an imagined form, talked to it, and it to me, and I asked it to go on it's way if it didn't mind. It went and I saw it go. I feel such a burden has been lifted.
In Feb 2013 I was in meditation and saw a series of moving images and towards the end, a voice said "Read the 3 books by 22nd March". So I have read the three books now. I do not know what this all means, and started my search from Feb, and in doing so, I now realise through my progress, to simply accept everything that is and comes - to be in the moment of Now as much as possible – for everything is a divine gift now, and always now. The 'truth' seems to be so enormous, and will always be unfolding, forever. And I seem to trust now, completely in whatever comes, or doesn't. Bless you for helping so many. I am truly grateful. Whilst I do not know as much as you or others on this posting, I know my love is unending, and unlimited. Bless you all. And thank You.

March 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMandy

Is there a free pdf for the book? Since its march and were shifting anyways? You cant take your bank account with you..

March 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTravis

I bought your e book but unfortunately my computer is not allowing the program that allows me to download it and read, it's an ACSM file ( I have tried everything!). I really enjoyed the excerpt above and I am desperate to read more but that's it for me. I just have to accept that I am not meant to read more. Thanks for the excerpt, I feel it's of very high energy and it lightens me every time I read it.

Hi Claire,
Thanks for buying the book! If you bought it from Booktango it comes in three different versions.
The PDF version would be the one you would want in order to read on a PC. The program for reading PDF's is Adobe reader.
The Mobi version as well as downloads from Amazon require a reader such as ipad or Kindle and use apps such as iBooks or kobo etc.

I hope this helps. If you downloaded wrong version for your computer please contact the company you bought from to see if they can help you straighten it out.

Please let me know if you have any problems resolving this. Contact me through email on my contact page.


March 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterClaire

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